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Create and plan your own Photo Safari. 

Trip Advisor Note: My apologies to you if you linked in from Trip Advisor expecting to book a tour. I have been trying to get my listing removed since May when I stopped offering tours. Trip Advisor refuses to remove or update my business discription despite all my attempts. If you use Trip Advisor take note of this and ask yourself how many other business listings are accurate descriptions when business owners are unable to update their listings.

I want to thank all my guests that have joined me on one of my Grand Teton National Park photo Safaris in Jackson Hole. I will miss all my past and present guests who made my tours one of the top rated 'Activities in Jackson Hole'. As of May 2014 I no longer offer my top rated photo tours, but hope this site can assist you in planning your trip.

This site is dedicated to helping you create and plan your own photo safari of Grand Teton National Park in Jackson Hole Wyoming. There is no need to spend lots of money with a tour company when all you need is here on the internet. If you want someone to do the driving (and I get that) there are lots of options available, and there are some fine tour guides to pick from. The large tour companies are all pretty much the same as the other, but if that is the route you want to go the best advice I can give is be sure you know who your guide is going to be. "Don't book a company, book a guide". Once you get through the advertising spin it all comes down to who your guide is.

Grand Teton National Park just is not that large and the road system is simple, and off roading just is not available in the park to anyone. So you are limited to the same roads the tour companies are. You just need to know where and when to go to capture the best lighting with landscapes, and know where and when to look for the wildlife that tops your list. I'm going to give that to you for free. Be sure to explore the resource link for even more information designed to make your Jackson Hole adventure a most memorable visit.

Some Background...

Formally known as Paul Martin's Photo Safaris in Jackson Hole, Wyoming I offered the most personalized photo safari style tours of Grand Teton National Park under a CUA permit with the park. As a small and truly 'owner operated' tour service TripAdvisor reviews put me at the top of "Activities in the Jackson Hole", which was an honor for me considering the big companies get so many more reviews. I'm honored and thankful to my guests who took the time to share their experiences with other Trip Advisor readers.

Photography has been my passion since I was 9 years. Thanks to the endorsement of B. Artin Haig a well known and renowned portrait photographer of his time I was accepted to Brooks Institute of photography when I was just a young eight grader . On my way to my studies at Brooks Institute of Photography I was invited to visit a good friend and his family who had a cabin in Jackson Hole. I was not in Jackson Hole more than a minute when I knew this was where my hart belonged.

My focus at the time was large format and landscapes. In those days wildlife paid me little attention while I set up my view camera and large format was not well suited for wildlife subjects. Today with DSLR I'm like a kid with a new toy!

My work has sold in the parks and galleries of Jackson Hole and Wyoming since 1974. Maybe best known for my Wyoming and Grand Teton fine art poster prints sold throughout Wyoming (see several at right). Click here to learn more about or to purchase these fine art prints.

An Experienced and Sensitive Approach

I'm giving you almost 40 years of experience in seeking out the elusive wildlife that inhabits the region as well as extensive knowledge on the best locations to view and photograph the picturesque surroundings.

My experience as a qualified and published photographer provides you with a unique opportunity to explore the unparalleled scenery and wildlife surrounding Jackson Hole. Whether you are shooting film or digital, I offer tips to help make your photos outstanding.

In keeping with my sensitive approach, I have adopted the NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association) Principals of Ethical Field Practices. These practices help us promote good stewardship of our resources and involve principles related to:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL: Knowledge of Subject and Place
  • SOCIAL: Knowledge of Rules and Laws
  • INDIVIDUAL: Expertise and Responsibilities

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Wyoming Posters by
Paul Frederick Martin


Meet Ansel and Pixel!

Friend and associate/consultant of Paul's Photo Safaris, Ansel is a traditionalist moose photographer.

Expert at catching the light and making magic with photos, he is inspired by the amazingly photogenic (and lively) Pixel the squirrel to marry classic photographic art and sensibilities with modern day technology.

Although serious artists, moose and squirrel are mostly fun-loving compadres who relish their existence in the  wide and open wilderness. You may catch some sightings of this pair.

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